Welcome to Taste Preserved!

Taste Preserved was started in 2023 by yours truly, Tanya Harris. I have a passion
for delicious food and my day only starts off on the right foot when I kick it off with a delicious breakfast! Greek yogurt is my fav go-to each morning, but I was sick of the stevia tasting jellies (and the single serve plastic) that come with the individual yogurts and I simply couldn't bring myself to eat jam every morning knowing jam has to be a minimum of the 40% sugar! I wanted to have an option that was incredibly delicious, yet not spike my blood sugar (or my guilt level) in the morning. This is when Taste Preserved was born. The fruit spreads are over 75% fruit, that's over 1/2 lb. of fruit in each jar! Then I've added my own flare with various liquor and spices to mimic my favorite drinks. While most of the liquor cooks off, it leaves some unforgettable flavor combinations.

So go ahead and have your guilt free morning indulgence (and afternoon, and evening). I have a feeling you're going to savor this just as much as your
morning coffee or evening cocktail. Cheers!